The first of our webinar series sponsored by the National Dairy Council has taken place.

Kate McDaid spoke to our members about sustainable eating and supporting your clients in an insightful session with Q&A. The recording of this will be available to members until the end of  September. For a copy of this please email


The following webinars are due to take place next, to register email us at 

Webinar 2: Friday 24th September @3pm – Ciara McNulty 

How to Fuel an Active Lifestyle with Ciara McNulty 

Ciara McNulty is a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist. A wellness advocate with a passion for creating & sharing nutrition advice and recipes, lifestyle inspiration and fitness related content. Ciara’s goals are to support individuals in reaching and maintaining healthy lifestyles whether that includes adequately fuelling an active lifestyle, combating gut issues, brainstorming recipe ideas or education around food sources of vitamins and minerals.

Ciara’s’ talk will be focused on the science behind sports nutrition. It’s crucial that all gym goers have the correct information to help them achieve their performance and aesthetic goals. With one too many diet myths floating around, it’s time to tackle them head on and bring the real science. Ciara will break down lifestyle and nutrition evidence-based information as well as the Olympic Committee recommendations for energy and macronutrients, important micronutrients, hydration, sport supplements and gut health. Lastly Ciara will also shed light on the implications of under-fuelling and how to spot common signs in your clients. Bring a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes.

Webinar 3: Friday 29th of October @12pm – Arthur Dunne 

How to Appraise Nutrition Headlines; Where to Start & How to Respond with Arthur Dunne 

Arthur is a final year PhD scholar co-funded by the IRC and Irish Injured Jockey fund investigating novel strategies to support safe weight management and promote bone health for the safety and well-being of jockeys. A published researcher, he completed an MSc with distinction in Applied Sports Nutrition at St Mary`s University, London where he had received a first-class honours degree as a BSc in Nutrition and Sport Science. Arthur has a wide range of professional, academic and industry-related experience having worked with individual and team-based athletes most notably Leinster Rugby Academy, Cork GAA and Dublin GAA, and Assistant lecturer in Sports Nutrition at Waterford IT.

Arthur’s talk will explore how to evaluate nutrition headlines and their validity. This is a key skill for exercise professionals to have as clients often ask about the latest ‘health trends’ and how effective they are. Arthur will look at how to review information and how to respond to clients. This is set to be a great learning opportunity with some real good take home messages for all.

We look forward to seeing you there.