The categories that are currently available on the register are as follows:

  • Fitness Instructor 

  • Exercise to Music Instructor 

  • Group Fitness Instructor

  • Personal Trainer 

  • Pilates Trainer 

  • Exercise for Health Specialist 

All of the above categories align to the European Fitness Standards in each qualification. An overview of each is available below, as defined by the standards:

Fitness Instructor/ Group Fitness Instructor: An Instructor delivers fitness instruction to individuals with the use of equipment (Fitness Instructor) or to a group through fitness classes (Group Fitness Instructor). Both types of the occupation have the same purpose and require the same level of knowledge, skills and competences. Therefore, most of the requirements are the same for both occupation types. However, to be able to fulfil this purpose, each of the occupation types may require additional knowledge, skills and competences, as outlined in the standards, specific for that qualification.

Personal Trainer: A personal trainer’s role includes designing, implementing and evaluating exercise/physical activity programmes for apparently healthy and low risk adult populations by collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness and safety of personal exercise programmes. A personal trainer should also actively encourage potential clients/members to participate in and adhere to regular exercise/physical activity programmes, employing appropriate motivational strategies to achieve this.

Pilates Teacher: A Pilates matwork teacher’s role includes planning, teaching and adapting Pilates programmes for 1:1 and group matwork sessions across a range of clients. Information will be collected and analysed for each client, on a regular basis, to ensure that programmes are safe, appropriate, and effective. As well as knowing the history of Pilates, a teacher must fully understand the Pilates Principles and apply these in their lesson planning and in their teaching. A Pilates teacher should teach in a supportive, non-competitive environment and have the skills to motivate and encourage clients to ensure their adherence to regular sessions.

Exercise for Health Specialist: An Exercise for Health Specialist has the ability to communicate sensitively with a wide range of individuals that have existing chronic health conditions or are at high risk of developing them due to their lifestyle. The Exercise for Health Specialist can programme and supervise exercise for individuals (and groups if they hold this prior competency) with a range of chronic health conditions determined to be of low or moderate risk of an adverse event according to recognised stratification tools. An Exercise for Health Specialist is able to communicate effectively with medical and healthcare professionals about participant’s conditions using correct medical terminology and with an understanding of the standard treatment options for an individual’s condition in what is related to exercise. An Exercise for Health Specialist will take a holistic approach to the wellness of their clients that includes advising on lifestyle, healthy eating and stress management in addition to exercise relevant to the condition, medication and with respect to professional boundaries.