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Speaker: Maeve Hannon (@dieteticallyspeaking)

Topic: Disordered Eating: Practical Advice for Exercise Professionals

Speaker Bio: Maeve Hanan is a Registered Dietitian who has a range of experience in clinical nutrition and nutrition communication. She specialises in the nutritional management of disordered eating as she is passionate about helping people to improve their relationship with food, in a compassionate, evidence-based and weight-inclusive way.

Maeve founded Dietetically Speaking in 2015 when she began to share nutrition messages online and on social media. As well as her work on social media, Maeve runs an online clinic and online courses for those who struggle with their relationship with food.

Disordered Eating – Practical Advice for Exercise Professionals with Maeve Hanan – YouTube

This webinar is kindly sponsored by the National Dairy Council who recognise the work of REPs Ireland and want to support its members.

A Positive Relationship with Food:

Below you will find a recording of our member webinar that took place in June:

Speaker: Dr Joe O’Brien – Health Psychologist
Topic: A Positive Relationship with Food

Recording: REPs Ireland Webinar with Joe O’Brien – YouTube

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